Photos–lots and lots and lots of Bearskin Lodge photos

One day a few weeks ago a Bearskin staff member asked if I ever went anywhere without my camera.  Only when I lose or misplace it (which unfortunately usually occurs several times a day.)  Since July 20th, I’ve taken 600+ digital photos with my trusty little Panasonic TZ1.

The long-term goal is to have a hefty supply of year-round photos to add to the Bearskin web site, but meanwhile people keep asking, “Did that picture work? Can I see it?”  Yesterday I uploaded a fraction of them to a Flickr web site in date and time order.  I will continue to add pictures to the site on a regular basis, as well as adding more of the pictures from the past few weeks when I find the time. 

It’s a great way to see the daily activities and changes at Bearskin over the seasons.  If you are in one of the pictures and want a copy, feel free to make copies. They can be found at:

2 thoughts on “Photos–lots and lots and lots of Bearskin Lodge photos

  1. tersenia schuett

    I check your webcam at least once a week so see what the weather is doing, how the trees are changing color, and to imagine what the lake will look like in a few months when we come up for our annual ski trip. Fully half of your webcam shows the grey, gravely ground. Could you adjust the camera so that we can see less ground, and more lake, trees, and sky? I’m enjoying your blog, and appreciating all of the enthusiasm you have to make this special place on the Gunflint Trail all that it can be.


  2. We agree about the position of the webcam. We have always wanted to move that camera, as a view of stacked tables (spring), picnic table rows (summer) or gravel (now) seems…well, pointless. I changed how often it records a picture in hopes of occasionally catching something interesting, but photos of Jason sorting bait or a family flipping over a canoe are about as exciting as it ever gets. Plus, in the last week something–perhaps incessant rain–caused the camera to tip down a tiny bit more. We’re somewhat limited by wiring and other technical problems as to where the camera can move, but someday you will click on that webcam link and see an entirely new view. We just need to figure out where that better spot is located. But while we’re thinking, somebody tall ought to go out and pop the camera up a few degrees again so there’s at least a little nature in the photo!

    And thank you so much for the positive comments.

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