Let’s ski!

12.02.07 9:08 AM

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winter.

The pisten bully has been out grooming since early this morning and everything will soon be skiable. Let the winter fun begin.

Bearskin has a huge group of high school skiers coming next weekend. We have a memorable weekend planned for them — lots of great skiing through the woods, Sven & Ole’s pizza delivered to their cabin doors on Friday, dinner at Old Northwoods on Saturday.

Everything was in place for a wonderful winter weekend except one thing, enough snow. The snow during the last week put us in an awkward spot:  Enough snow to think the event was possible, not enough snow to make the ski weekend a good one.   It was almost better when there was no snow — at least then it was obvious whether they should come up or not.   But Wayzata high school skiers apparently have the snow gods on their side.  As of last night, this place is a skier’s dream.

Now if we could just somehow arrange for a moose to jauntily cruise through Bearskin that weekend, preferably right when all the kids happen to be watching, we would have a perfect weekend planned.  Someone on the trail should start Rent-A-Moose.  We’d be a frequent customer.

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