“Change is inevitable (except from a vending machine)” ~ Robert C. Gallagher

2007 has been a year full of changes for Bearskin. 

This week Bearskin says goodbye to some of the staff who helped run Bearskin over the last few years and who have guided us through our first months in the resort business. They will all be very difficult to replace.

The Geistfeld family — Becky, our housekeeping manager; Mark, our guide and maintenance manager; and their son Nick, all purpose front desk/housekeeping guy — are moving to tropical Duluth to experience life within a short driving distance of Cub Foods, Target and Taco Johns. 

Becky has been the person most responsible for maintaining Bearskin’s high standards of meticulous cleanliness. “Obsessive-compulsive” is a good thing in a housekeeping manager.  She is irreplaceable. Mark was the master of (dilapidated) machinery here at Bearskin, but was always happiest while out in a fishing boat with a rod & reel and a package of frosted pop tarts.  Nick could deftly handle a request to put 12 people in cabin 2 without breaking out in fits of laughter; however, his true talent was as Bearskin computer guru. They’ve all made a huge contribution to the success of Bearskin and will be greatly missed. 

As a result of this move, McCloughans will soon be moving out of the old staff house/trading post and up into the so-called “penthouse” above the lodge, AKA “Barb & Dave’s old place.”  We will thoroughly enjoy walking down the steps to work each morning, and will not miss living in a house with too little heat and too many critters. 

In another unexpected transition, Bob has decided to retire early and be at the resort full time starting December 20th. His 5th graders will miss him, but  will probably appreciate having a teacher who doesn’t spend all day on the phone trying to arrange repairs on yet another broken piece of old (but necessary) resort equipment.

While all this is happening, our beloved employee Adde will also be heading back to Florida.  Adde’s “can do” attitude and her ability to outwork everyone will make her a success in any venture she pursues in life.  We’d welcome her back at Bearskin in a heartbeat, but we also want the best for her future.  Adde has been the Bearskin employee most likely to be handed an envelope of surprise cash from a guest who was grateful for her outstanding extra efforts. She truly does “go the extra mile” for Bearskin visitors.

Bearskin continues to have a wonderful solid group of talented employees dedicated to providing excellent guest services. Bob, Sue, Quinn, Dee, Jason, Andy and Kelly will continue to be here for the winter season; plus, new housekeeper Carol is on her way to Bearskin from Wyoming right now. 2007 ends with lots of changes here, but one thing that will not be changing at Bearskin is our staff commitment to providing an exceptional wilderness lodge experience for our guests.

Photos of Mark with one of his typical big fish and Adde fighting off a vicious bear.  (Becky & Nick tend to disappear whenever a camera appears):

Mark  Adde -vs- bear

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