It’s been a very busy day at Bearskin Lodge.  The cookie jar has been emptied to nothing but crumbs, we’re down to the bottom of our second big container of free coffee, and the flames from the fire in the big stone fireplace are slowly dwindling to embers.  It was incredibly cold today, with temperatures hovering in double digits below zero all afternoon. I was feeling fairly sorry for people who paid for a lovely cabin or lodge in order to ski over their 3 day vacation, only to end up with bitterly cold weather.

 So the reaction of Bearskin guests and day skiers today has been a big surprise.  They pull open our massive, heavy front door and in walk puffy, nylon or down-encased moving icicles, with their hats pulled down over their eyebrows and their scarves or balaclavas pulled up over their cheeks.  All we see of their faces are little wisps of stray hair, eye slits and rosy red noses.  I expect them to complain about the terrible cold weather and instead what we’re hearing is, “This the best skiing we’ve had in years!” 

 Who would have guessed?  The snow is fabulous; there is no question that this is the best snow that Bearskin has had in a long, long time.   Skiers are staying surprisingly comfortable, especally on the more sheltered trails.  One guest told me she was removing layers of clothing, as she was much too warm … at -15 degrees. 

 This would have been a “stay in the cabin and watch the fire” day for me.  Bearskin guests are certainly a hardy bunch.  Although judging by the number of wine glasses, coffee cups and hot chocolate mugs stacked in the kitchen now as the day wraps up, plenty of cozy fire-watching went on today too. Bearskin skiers don’t mind the cold weather, but they’ve perfected the art of getting toasty warm again too!

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