Cook Tent Cafe

Blazing fire

Welcome to the Cook Tent Café.

Ever since last summer, Bob and Quinn have been attempting to envision a creative way that Bearskin guests could ski out in the winter to a distant point, then enjoy a warm meal or snack in a cozy environment before skiing back.  

Theoretically the point of this would be to create a fun mini-adventure for our guests but in reality, both Bob and Quinn wantedGroup at Cook Tent a good reason to do it themselves.  Once Andy started working at Bearskin, he was equally taken with the idea.  The plotting and planning of ways to make this happen has gone on for months.

Last Saturday, on President’s Day Weekend, the Cook Tent was set up and opened to serve hot chili to Bearskin skiers.  The Cook Tent is an old-style canvas wall tent on Campground Trail, nestled in a campsite near the ski trail but open enough to easily ski into.  A woodstove inside keeps skiers snug and warm; there’s a fire going outside for hardier folks.   The location of the Cook Tent on Campground Trail is far enough away to be a bit of a trip, but close enough to be feasible for even young or new skiers. 

Skis parked by Cook Tent 

On Wednesday night the tent will be open again to serve hot chocolate and cookies to skiers during the lunar eclipse.  The full moon on the snow has been extraordinarily bright, so it’s almost like skiing under lights.  A group will meet at the lodge at 7 PM to ski out to the Cook Tent, and then watch the eclipse begin.  On this coming Saturday the Cook Tent will be serving chili again at lunch time.

The obvious question is why go to all this trouble?  We could serve chili inside the lodge.  We always have free cookies and coffee at Bearskin. We aren’t making any money by doing this.  So why bother to drag all this gear and food  outside in the cold, far down a ski trail?  Any sensible person would do this all inside the lodge, the easy way.

The answer is simple: because it’s really fun.



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