Ye Map of Camp Bearskin, Part 3


Update on an old story, the tale of the beloved “Ye Map of Camp Bearskin” that has hung  in a central location at Bearskin Lodge forever.  You might recall that last October we brought the map to Book & Paper Artifacts for professional restoration (   In November the map was “deframed” ( ) and prepped for repair, but then it had to wait for its turn on the schedule.

 We received this note recently from Mary Britton Clouse of Book & Paper Artifacts :

 Hi Sue,

Progress on the map is good. It has been surface cleaned, humidified  and flattened twice. It needs at least one more additional humidification and flattening (a 2 day process each time…a very gradual process) because it was so badly distorted, but persistence is key to good results. As promised, I took photographs which you can post on the blog if you wish (sorry about the glare on the surface cleaning shots).Once it has been satisfactorily flattened, it will go to be scanned, hopefully on Monday. All the materials for the Microsealed enclosure have arrived. As soon as it has been scanned, it will be enclosed and fitted in the frame. Plan is to have it finished by next week.




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