Webcam woes



 To all Bearskin’s webcam aficionados: Yes, we know Bearskin Lodge has been frozen in time, at least according to our webcam  As always, it was our luck that the endless photo turned out to be very boring. Occasionally a view appears on our webcam that would be entertaining to maintain for awhile.  But this one — not so much.   


It appears that at 7:33:03 AM on March 13th our satellite internet stopped working, forever freezing a dreary picture of East Bearskin Lake under an overcast sky onto our web page. Days of experimentation with the equipment, then endless phone calls and voice mails to the array of companies who now seem to manage our internet service resulted in a repair order finally being written…for someday.  Possibly even someday soon.  Welcome to the North Country.


 So for those of you who like to get your breakfast East Bearskin Lake webcam fix along with your Cheerios and coffee:  a pleasant surprise will await you one of these mornings; with luck, perhaps even on a morning in the forseeable future.   An all-new picture of precisely the same spot will have appeared.  That will be your sign that, ta-da! — the repair guy actually showed up.  New blogs will be published, new specials will be posted on the website, new Flickr pictures will show up online (you missed the entire pine marten relocation project!) but best of all — the webcam will snap a photo again.  And Bearskin will once again be functioning with 21st century technology, at least until the next (fill in the blank) cloudy/snowy/ rainy/ windy day.  




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