Really, the calendar claims this is spring?

Almost like spring

I went out and about with my camera on April 5th and for the first time since December, randomly walked around the resort in my hiking boots just snapping pictures of the interesting world around Bearskin. 


There was still plenty of deep snow, but my boots were caked in mud from the road and there were many areas of exposed grass and rocks around cabins.  On the hill behind the lodge there were some green leafy plants popping through the soil. If you listened quietly, the predominant noise around the resort was the sound of dripping water running off rooftops or melting off trees.  Andy saw a robin outside the office window. It felt like spring had finally arrived.


Bear in a spring stormAnd then it snowed another 10 inches.  Not 31 inches like it snowed on the Iron Range.  Not even 15 inches like up on Seagull Lake, just 8 – 10 inches. Nothing newsworthy, not enough to even get any respect in a “how much snow did you get” dialogue.  But enough to totally turn the clock back on the seasons. 


Once again it became complete winter.  My car was encrusted in an icy snow case.  When I chipped the snow cover away, it fell off in big car-shaped, jagged-edged hunks that reminded me of a resin pull-apart dinosaur egg Quinn had when he was little. When icicles forming over the web cam had to be scraped away, I gingerly walked out on top of a snow crust to reach the camera.  It felt a little like the miracle of walking on water.  Then when I’d almost made it, I crashed through into thigh high snow.  The anti-spring experience.


The robin is still here.  He is hopping around on the deep snow outside the lodge, looking dazed and perplexed. 


Today the sun is finally shining a bit and I can see the meltwater already rolling off the lodge roof.  The icicles outside our window are dripping and shrinking.  At 7:30 in the morning the front steps are already wet from melting. 


The weather forecast: Hazardous Weather Outlook / Winter Storm Warning.


Spring in the North Country.


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