Catching Up With Summer

Summer is in full swing at Bearskin, which means the resort is jam-packed with families having fabulous summer fun. Meanwhile, we are working nonstop.  I keep getting good ideas for new blogs, but find that by the time I have a few moments to write I am too tired to type.  So here is the abbreviated version of everything I meant to blog about, but never did.

Fresh baked pies

Pies:  Bearskin is selling Crystal’s delicious homemade pies now. We are very fortunate that the pies sell so quickly; otherwise, we would be surreptitiously slipping down to the kitchen every night for secret pie snacks. Pies are available on order or on a “while they last” basis (which isn’t usually for very long).


Friendship Bread, ready to go in cabins on Saturday & Sunday

Friendship bread:  Bearskin has a long tradition dating back to the Chef Sally days of providing full week summer guests with a fresh baked loaf of bread.  In recent years the bread was tasty, but it wasn’t truly baked at Bearskin. We’ve started an experiment with baking Friendship Bread for guests. The starter dough needed to bubble and brew for two 10 day cycles before there was enough to make a Friendship Bread loaf for every cabin, so last week was the first week that every cabin received one.  So far the bread has received rave reviews.

4th of July party:   We celebrated the 4th of July with chicken wings and canoe races, with the triumphant race winners taking home their very own prized AromaCones.  Don’t ask.  It helped us get rid of a few of those cones. Rumor has it that the AromaCones will be making a return trip to Bearskin next July 4th to be passed on to the winners of next year’s races.  Start practicing now, as next year it will be a much tougher competition.  Some teams plan to learn to steer a canoe.

Emily's big fish
Emily's big fish


Last cast of the day off the dock = 2 fish
Last cast of the day off the dock = 2 fish
Fishing: Fishing continues to be excellent this year. Especially if you are a girl. 


Music around the bonfire
Toasty toes around the bonfire

Bonfires:  We’ve had many perfect balmy summer days recently, but it does seem as if each week it clouds up and threatens to rain every Wednesday evening at bonfire time. On one recent Wednesday Quinn was lighting the bonfire in pouring rain, but that didn’t stop the s’more roasting. The rain stopped, the skies cleared, the bonfire went on and on, and before it was time for the starlight paddle, the night sky glittered with twinkling stars.  The new fire ring spot is much more conducive to creating a cozy, cohesive group atmosphere. It also seems like every week there have been a few good guitar players who have made sitting around a warm fire even more enjoyable.

The webcam:  Yes, we know the webcam has gone psycho again.  It can’t seem to stay online for more than 3 days in a row right now.  Each time we solve the problem, something new goes awry.  We usually end up crawling up in the tree, removing the camera and bringing it to the office to test. The glitch is always a software/computer issue; the camera invariably works fine when we test it.  Consequently, every once in awhile regular webcam viewers will catch a glimpse of a crazy picture, like today’s accidental shot of a colorful flowered envelope followed by an even odder picture of the office ceiling.  When the web cam is down, you can trust that we are persistently attempting to make another futile, frustrating repair.  We could use some software suggestions from a reader whose webcam isn’t offline more often than it’s on.

Families enjoying the Monday night picnic

Monday night picnics: We gather on the beach every Monday night for grilled brats, beans, potato salad, Crystal’s fantastic fruit salad and whatever other goodies happen to appear on the food table that evening.  Guests are delighted to have the picnic back again.

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