Dear Bearskin …

Several people have inquired about one of the fishing pictures in the last blog, the photo of the young lady with a little tiny fish in one hand and a great big Northern in the other.  Elizabeth caught both of those fish on the same cast off the Cabin 6 dock.  It was her last cast of the trip, just as her family was packing up the fishing poles for the trip home.

She wrote us a letter telling about her trip to Bearskin.  I thought her letter encapsulated the essence of a perfect family trip – the high points and the low points that ultimately form the stories that will be retold within the family for years afterwards:

Dear Bearskin Friends,

I’ve enjoyed the past week so much.  I hope every year we come back.  I like that there are no TV’s, sometimes TVs mess up the whole trip.  But I don’t want to talk about that.

I also like how you have activities so when your family is not doing anything there is also another activity to do.

I also like how we got our own dock.  The last night I was here I caught a perch, a small one this big –>


with a 2 foot NORTHERN!  My second one in my whole life!

We got some pictures but we did not eat it mostly because it was the last day.  And even if it wasn’t the last day I would refuse to eat it because the other visitors should catch him too.

And NOW (drum roll please) you officially have a big fish in your lake!

That was not the only thing we caught, we caught 6 fish that made it on the stringer.

All the animals we saw were a bear, a bull moose, 2 cow moose,  2 moose calves, lots of deer, loons, bald eagle, crazy chipmunks, a mink and rabbits.

We also went up to Eagle Mountain.  The up part was easier than I thought.  The view was fantastic, we could stay up there for hours but we didn’t. The mosquitoes took over. Once we got down Eagle Mountain the mosquitoes got twice as bad.  My dad said, “I’ve never seen mosquitoes so dang bad.”

But not as bad as George Washington Memorial Trail.  The beginning was OK. Then when it got buggy, swampy and crying time it got bad.  And the point was to get across a creek. You never even see it. And our family is NEVER going to go there again.

I could write forever about this stuff.  And I do truly hope we come back. And thank you for making our stay more enjoyable.  There were some laughs and some cries, wait, no cries just more laughs.  THANK YOU!


Elizabeth, age 10

Yep, that pretty much sums up a great family trip.

Addendum:  I sidestepped the question that people asked me, which was “How did she catch both fish on one cast?”  Here is the actual story, as retold by Elizaeth’s dad, Dave:

The whole fish story begins with her trying to catch a particularly sneaky perch: casting, bobber goes down, set the hook, miss the fish, rebait, cast, bobber goes down, set the hook, miss the fish, etc, etc many times. 

Then she said that maybe she should just “jerk the pole BEFORE the bobber goes down.”  I told her that that sounded like a good enough idea.  So she cast it out, let it sit for maybe 2 or 3 seconds and set the hook.

 “Wow! I think I’ve got it,” she said, then WHAM her pole almost doubled over and she fought for several seconds before hauling the northern out of the water and over the dock.  I said I’d take the hook out of the northern for her and I reached down towards the mouth and saw it wasn’t even hooked.  The northern held the small perch like a dog carrying a newspaper, then it finally let go.  The northern flopped around on the dock for a moment while I grabbed the stringer. 
After unhooking the perch, and taking the picture, miraculously, the perch swam off too.


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