Bear -vs- Dumpster / Round 2

Back in May we wrote a post called “Bear-vs-Dumpster/Score 1 for the bear” (   At the time I expected that we’d be updating this blog with regular stories about ongoing bear -vs- dumpster battles. It didn’t happen. Much to our surprise, the bouncing dumpster bear didn’t reappear.

There were, however, a few good bear stories. Some of our very pro-environment staff members decided to keep a small compost pile going in a 5 gallon bucket. Seemed like a good idea, until one day the bucket turned up totally clawed open and chewed apart. Plastic doesn’t seem to be much of a bear barrier.

And oddly, earlier this week we found a big muddy bear paw print on the window of our boathouse down by the beach. There’s not much that a bear would want in there, unless he needed a life jacket or paddle.  Most of our staff members have spotted a bear sometime this summer, but overall the bear activity has been relatively minimal.

Which is what makes Wednesday’s bear incident especially bizarre. Sometime around 3:30 in the afternoon a bear bashed in the dumpster covers again — just minutes after the garbage company hauled all the trash away. All week, every week those dumpsters are chock-full of bear fantasy food; once a week there’s about one hour when the containers are empty before the next plentiful load of sumptuous garbage is dumped in. So this is when the bear decides to break in?

We like this bear. We appreciate his ineptitude at choosing an appropriate time to raid our trash. A bear who breaks into an unfilled dumpster doesn’t scatter rubbish far and wide; it’s relatively easy to clean up after a bear who ransacks an empty garbage bin.  If this bear would like to return, we invite him to invade our dumpster again next week at the same time.

Our expectation, however, is that we will not be so lucky.

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