Summer goodbyes — so soon!



I always meant to write a blog about our remarkable summer staff this year.  Before I ever found the opportunity to write about them, the season zipped by and it’s already time for our summer help to start heading back to college.

We’ve been told repeatedly that we’ll probably never be lucky enough to hire so many multi-talented employees again.  Of course, we’re hoping that we always find such an extraordinary group but we’re well aware that this team was exceptional.  What we will especially remember about this group is how well they got along at work and socially, in spite of their widely divergent opinions and greatly differing personality types.  The “Bearskin Family” for the summer of 2008 lived healthily, cared about their environment, liked to cook and socialize (or eat and socialize—it takes both kinds!), and routinely made the most of the beautiful outdoor world surrounding them.  They didn’t willingly kill chipmunks or dandelions, and they were good humored about co-existing with a little dog named Kisses.

Kari and Kate were the first to leave today; both will be heading back shortly to Columbia University.  Kari presented us with this watercolor tableau, humorously depicting memorable moments from the summer for our staff.  She totally captured the essence of this group.  We’ll look at this for years to come and smile about the memories of the Bearskin staff of summer 2008.

In spite of all our jokes about wanting our staff to quit school and stay to work at Bearskin, in reality we would never encourage our help to leave college.   But we do need to hire replacements, the next “Bearskin Family” for fall and winter – or maybe all the way through summer, 2009.  We know there are many young people out there who could use a break from school or who have finished their studies but want the experience of working in a variety of interesting places.  The hunt is on for a few outdoor-lovers who would benefit from being part of our Bearskin family for fall and winter.  If you know somebody who fits that description, do send them our way. 

One thought on “Summer goodbyes — so soon!

  1. TheJohnsonFive

    We really enjoyed your staff this year. They had such a positive attitude — you could just tell that they worked hard but loved their jobs.

    Maudie was the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable naturalist at Bearskin in years. The young women at the front desk were so very patient with our kids incessant “shopping” and the young gal who helped us with our boat and motor was great. My daughter was impacted by seeing that a pretty and feminine female could carry heavy things and run boats–we have discussed it often since then.

    Andy was a great resource and we had a really enjoyable time at Quinn’s bonfire. We met Crystal the head housekeeper and pie baker & thoroughly enjoyed her funny stories–plus that was the best pie we ever ate. Of course, we miss Dee, but we were super impressed with the quality of the staff Bearskin is hiring now. It adds to the value of an already great experience.

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