Team Dee Plus — Support a bike rider for a worthy cause

As many of you know, last June one of Bearskin’s most beloved, long-time employees, Dee Peterson, passed away from pancreatic cancer. (  We miss her every day.

Today we received info from Dee’s family about the PurpleRide, a fundraising event for pancreatic cancer research that the Peterson family and friends will be participating in on September 13th. 

Their team is called Dee Plus and they hope to raise over $4200 for pancreatic cancer research.  Actually, they are within dollars of reaching their goal already.  I think it looks like they will do considerably better, since people who knew and loved Dee were very moved by her difficult battle against a devastating cancer.  We put our money on Dee’s husband Jerry, as we admire his spirit in attempting to ride a bike 8 miles for the first time in a decade.

Here is the information from Dee’s family about Team Dee Plus and the PurpleRide:

In honor of Mom, the Peterson/Groen/Cisneros family is participating in the PurpleRide. All funds raised at the PurpleRide go to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network, an organization that advances research, supports patients, and creates hope. The ride takes place on September 13. We welcome your help in fighting pancreatic cancer – if you can participate or contribute.

Our team is called Dee Plus. Here is our roster:

Jerry — A man who has not ridden a bike in nearly a decade. He will ride 8 miles in honor of his beautiful wife.

Andy — He’s 8 years old and he’s ranked 4th in his BMX class in the state of Minnesota (would have been 1st except for a concussion in the last lap of the state race). This year he’s the only 8-year-old Expert in Minnesota. This guy is on fire and is ready to ride 8 miles for his Nan.

Ellie — She’s 4 years old and she’s a new BMX racer this year – she’s already ranked 2ndin her class! This spirited young lady is doing the PurpleRide for her Nana.

Tim – The father of 2 young bike racers. We’ll see if they get their speed from their dad. He’s riding 8 miles in honor of Dee.

Sara — A mom extraordinaire – but can she keep up with her offspring on the bike? She discovered the PurpleRide and rounded us all up to raise money for pancreatic cancer research in Mom’s memory.

Jes – A bike racer who is doing the big 50 mile ride in honor of Dee. He’ll still be less tired than the rest of us at the end of the day.

Stacey – Hasn’t been on a bike in years and lacks a sense of balance, thus serving as entertainment for the children during the ride. Only for Mom will I attempt 8 miles on a bike.

Here is a link to our team’s web page on the PurpleRide web site:

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