High adventure — best bear cub picture ever

By far the most popular entry in the Bearskin Blog now is this moose picture, taken in June by our head housekeeper, Crystal: https://bearskin.wordpress.com/2008/06/08/best-moosebest-moose.   It’s not uncommon for 50-70 people to click on that blog entry every day. Statistically it has routinely been Google’s most clicked moose image. That moose makes people happy.

We might just have a little competition, though, in the “best animal picture” category: 



3 bear cubs high up in birch tree near Loon Lake. Photo by Clayton Spolum.

 Long time Bearskin guest Glenn Spolum sent the cutest picture ever of 3 little bear cubs having some “high adventure.”  Glenn and his son Clayton had returned for their second trip of the season to Bearskin, spending lots of time fishing the lakes of the area. They were near Loon Lake when they spotted these 3 rambunctious cubs high up in a tree. Fortunately Clayton had a digital camera along and was able to snap several photos of the little bears.  Lucky shot of a lifetime!  

A closer view of one of the cubs in the tree. Photo by Clayton Spolum.


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