Waiting for snowflakes

This fall Bearskin has two employees who are eagerly awaiting the first snow — not counting Andy and Quinn who are also impatiently hoping for snow, mainly so they can play with all the big, burly snow equipment.  Our new employees Laura and Megan come from Florida and Louisiana, where obviously snow is not a typical part of their life experience.  For them, the first time that it actually snows here on the Gunflint Trail will be a noteworthy day.

Earlier this week we almost had something for them – a cold rain was falling and if you looked carefully, you could imagine occasional hard-edged drops that almost passed for flakes.  Laura and Megan counted it as snow, and by Down South standards it might have qualified.   But we knew better.  

The forecast for this weekend threatened snow showers for Sunday.  It was a bizarre weather day.  All afternoon dark, angry clouds raced across a gray sky, alternating with unexpected bursts of fleeting sunshine.  The erratic rain briefly turned icy often enough that we promised Megan and Laura that they would surely see real snow by the end of the afternoon.  It didn’t happen.

However, this is our forecast:    

We might not be making snowmen this week. Quinn probably won’t be able to take out his skis and most likely Andy won’t be running the plow truck.  But Laura and Megan just might see genuine snowflakes before the week is over.

Snow sprinkles along the lake path this morning.

ADDENDUM as of 1:30 PM 10/27/08:  Sometime during the night, after I wrote this blog, the snow came.  Not a lot of snow; just a sprinkle.  Certainly not enough to ski on or to plow or groom.   As Calvin in the old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip once said, “Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.  If it hadn’t been the first snow, we’d label it an annoyance.  But Megan and Laura have now seen their first “real” snow.  We can safely assume that it won’t be their last.





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