Watching the ice form

After an interminable number of cloudy, overcast November days, Sunday was finally clear and bright here. Quinn and Bob decided to take a sunny day break and head out on one final lake exploration, a trip to the somewhat inaccessible Rocky Lake.  The shorelines of the lakes were ringed with borders of brittle, chunky ice, but they made it into Rocky Lake with only a moderate amount of ice breaking.

Ice along the shoreline near a portage
Ice along the shoreline at the portage between East Bearskin and Alder Lake. Bob and Quinn broke ice to get to the portage. It had refrozen by the time they came back out.



Ice forming on Rocky Lake
Ice forming on Rocky Lake



 That was Sunday.  Monday morning we awoke to this:


Ice forming on East Bearskin Lake on Monday morning. Hard to believe that Quinn & Bob were canoeing on the lake just the day before.

Forecasts are for a low of between 15°and 20° tonight — thankfully, that’s still  15° – 20° ABOVE zero at this point!  Andy and Quinn are both predicting a totally frozen lake in the morning. 

Based on our “Day by Day at Bearskin Lodge” pictures from last November ( the lake was far more frozen at this time last year, until the ice began to melt again around November 19th. By Thanksgiving, on November 23rd, the ice was firm enough to walk across on the bay.  That seems fairly improbable this year, but we could be surprised.

 Whatever happens, it’s a very quiet time here at Bearskin right now, so keeping an eye on the changing ice qualifies as our current form of daily entertainment.

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