MLK weekend

We have many, many guests arriving at Bearskin over the next few days because of the 3 day holiday.  Here are a few pieces of helpful information:

You can still make a reservation for fine dining at Bearkin lodge for the upcoming weekend. We sent out an e-mail saying that Sunday dining was full, but Saturday dining had plenty of spaces. However, later a large group with Sunday reservations moved to Saturday instead.  So if you want to eat at Chez Jude at Bearskin this weekend, both days now have openings.  The menus are posted here:  — both nights are fabulous dining choices.

Erik Simula’s mushing trips in the BWCA wilderness have been a huge success.  Erik was orginally scheduled to be here only on weekends, but that’s been changing. Saturday and Sunday are still his busy days, but trips are frequently being booked on many weekdays also.  There are still some dogsledding spots available for this weekend. Erik will also be giving fireside talks about mushing. More info at:

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