We are not amused

A spring day at Bearskin.
A spring day at Bearskin.

Spring was making progress.  Grass was poking though. A few tulip tips had emerged from their snowy blanket.  There were signs that the ice might be gone before August.

And then yesterday it started to snow again. Lots of snow.  Snow that had to be plowed.  Snow that coated the world entirely in white again.  Winter snow.

We stopped to shop at the Gene’s IGA in Grand Marais late in the afternoon yesterday.  The clerks were joking about how bummed the store patrons had been all day.  We felt the same way.  The first snow each year is more than a weather event; it brings a sense of magic and excitment. That same amount of snow in late April, however, evokes a very different feeling.

Nature write Hal Borland said, “No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.”  We hope he was right, but as we watch the big flakes of snow blowing out of the pine boughs today,  it certainly looks as if spring gave up this time.

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