“Sore back and fingertips raw. Feeling rested and good. So beautiful.”

erik-postcardFor those of you who are following Erik Simula’s 1000 mile Arrowhead Journey online, there are some great new photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/arrowhead journey/ 

Erik has also posted his daily journal entries for the trip between Grand Portage and Grand Marais on the blog http://arrowheadjourney.wordpress.com    

A sample from  4/24: Waves crash.  Winds Roar.  Dreamt of Black Bear.  12 hours sleep.  Filtering water daily.  Good hot drinks and food.  All my gear staying dry and organized.  Kitigan doing great.  It’s cold, but I’m staying warm.  So nice no bugs.  Wearing seven layers of clothes.  Sore back and fingertips raw.  Feeling rested and good.  So beautiful.

On Thursday WTIP aired an excellent interview with Erik while he was stopped in Grand Marais.  I was all ready to record the streaming audio on RealPlayer and then, for the second time, messed up the “save” when it was all over. It was bad enough that I goofed up the  recording the first time he was on WTIP  last week , but repeating the same mistake a second time is especially maddening.  If anyone else recorded it, we would love to have a copy.

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