A season of spring chores, packed into one day

Our ice went out yesterday. This morning we awoke to the sounds of loons on the lake.  There have also been several varieties of ducks on the bay today.  It didn’t take the waterfowl long to swoop into the lake once the ice disappeared.

Andy and Bob worked nonstop today on tasks that could only be done after ice-out.  With the fishing opener coming up this weekend, they had 2 days of ice-free conditions to do an entire spring’s worth of preparation. Fishing boats are now in the water and docks are being reattached.  They are placing ramps over lake paths that are temporarily flooded from the melt-water and they’re cleaning up the debris that came ashore after the ice melted.  

The choice job of the day was fishing the old wooden broomball box out of the lake.  The box escaped detection when the other ice rink equipment was removed, and has been taunting us out on the thin ice ever since.  As the ice started to move yesterday, the box sneaked around the bay on its personal ice flow, periodically appearing on the webcam splayed open to flaunt its remaining collection of broomball sticks. This morning the first thing I saw out our window was the gaping box floating right outside the lodge. In just a few minutes it had traveled on its merry way and was completely gone.  Bob and Andy finally rescued it down by the lodge docks, ending an exceptionally long season for the broomball supplies.

Bob went for the first swim of the year this morning.  Not intentionally.  The ice may finally be out of East Bearskin Lake, but Bob can attest that swimming season hasn’t arrived yet.

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