Such a beautiful day!

5.17.09 fishingS
A gorgeous day on East Bearskin Lake

We waited unusually long this year for spring to appear.  Each time we had a glimmer of hope that winter would finally loosen its grip, spring dreams were dashed by unexpected, unappreciated small snow squalls.  Even yesterday, the 16th of May for heavens sake, small pellets of styrofoam-like snow pummeled us periodically all day.

But today is the day we’ve been waiting for, sunny and gorgeous.  The water is sparkling, the sky is clear blue, the birds are singing. Loons have been calling and the Golden-Eye ducks are preoccupied with all sorts of splashing, fluttering, swooping interactions. Ravens are sitting atop trees calling to each other and noisy hawks are building nests back in the woods. Moose are posing for hikers on the paths, unperturbed and fairly disinterested in the excitement their appearance is generating in the onlookers.

Out on the lake a fishing party periodically trolls slowly past the lodge.  Quiet canoeists have been heading into the BWCA for day trips and over-nighters. It’s the kind of calm day on the water that makes canoeing easy and pleasurable.

The fishing has been great.  One guy told us he was actually having trouble getting fish that were small enough for him to keep.  One of the “secret” simple  fishing spots at Bearskin, the Cabin 6 dock, has yielded yet another big catch to a guest who’d read last year’s Cabin 6 fish story and decided to try the same thing.

We have guests right now from as far away as Arizona and Vermont.  Yesterday, when the clouds were  pelting us with ice balls, when the wicked wind was knocking over trees, when everyone arrived at the lodge in parkas and woolly hats, I spent the day apologizing for Minnesota weather.  Today is Minnesota at its finest.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Boats by the dock
Boats by the dock

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