Summer plans — restaurant opening June 17th

I’m looking out the window at an absolutely gorgeous day.  Clear blue skies with the tiniest white fluffs of clouds; loons on the lake; fresh young leaves on the birches that give the trees the appearance of being vivid green puffballs from afar. Cool nights have meant that we continue to be fairly bug-free.  Fishing is still good.  Summer has the potential to be wonderful.

It’s very quiet now (which means it’s a great time to visit!), but we’re gearing up for the active summer season.  Our seasonal staff is gradually arriving, so it’s starting to feel busier. 

On June 17th Chez Jude will reopen the restaurant at Bearskin.  We’re excited about the summer dining.  Wednesday will feature Judi’s signature Chef’s Tasting Menu, an elegant three course meal.  This is fine dining in a casual atmosphere.  Don’t worry about “dressing for dinner.”

Thursday is pizza night, featuring a three course Tuscan pan pizza menu with
Chez Jude crafted sauces, pizza dough & seasonal fresh toppings.  Choose from 2 sizes and 3 flavors.  This is an all inclusive meal for 4 or 6 people, and includes salad and desert for everyone.  You can do “take-out” to your cabin or eat it in the lodge.  One of the lodge’s under-utilized secret spots is the screened porch off the dining room.  We don’t know why more people don’t use this lovely porch, but it would be a perfect place to share a pizza.  Don’t forget to order beer, wine or pop  from Bearskin’s extensive beverage list to accompany your Tuscan pizza.

Friday is family BBQ ribs night, a three course BBQ ribs menu featuring a 1/2 rack of Chez Jude applewood smoked meaty St. Louis Ribs.  A kids’ menu is also available.  We thought Friday was a good night for family dining, since so many people check out on Saturday.  It might be a bit easier to get organized to leave without cooking a meal the night before.

The Bearskin restaurant is small, so we can’t always promise we’ll have room for everyone who wants to dine during the busy season. We encourage you to call and reseve your dining spots early.

More info about dining at Bearskin can be found at:

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