Big fish!

Big brother is holding the fish, but little sister caught it.

Bearskin continues its tradition, started last year, of “girls rule” when it comes to catching big fish.

 Meredithe really didn’t even want to go fishing today. She caught the fish on her new PINK fishing rod.

Photo contributed by the Ester family.



 (Read previous posts

and from last year to see what we mean about girl’s fishing luck at Bearskin.)

2 thoughts on “Big fish!

  1. tom Ellsworth

    As the fishing continues to get better everyyear on Bearskin and surrounding lakes we all should fish with conservation in mind.Let’s all get together and respect a self imposed slot limit.
    Do not keep big walleyes.18″ fish MAX
    Return all fish to the water rapidly and safely.

    1. I am always surprised at what a big percentage of the large fish caught by Bearskin guests are returned to the water. Often, people want that quick, all-important picture to document the catch more than they actually want the fish.

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