It’s been a week since we posted our Rent-A-Moose blog.  We’ve left the bemused “renting” stage and have entered the perturbed “ranting” stage.

This whole moose story is not quite as amusing as it was.  The moose shows no signs of moving on.  The novelty has worn off.  The guests in the cabins on that end of the resort are weary of being wary.

There were a couple days when it appeared the moose and her calf  had finally relocated.  But no, then they reappeared in the same trampled, broken up, moose-eaten spot where they’ve been for the last 2 weeks.  One would think that on a long BWCA lake with 4 1/2 miles of quieter, calmer options a moose would not choose to live in the midst of  the only resort in the area.   But  apparently we don’t quite think like a moose.   We just don’t get it. 

This morning the moose surprised Kate by the wax room door.  Now the moose is lying by the hot tub hus.   We should charge her for staying at Bearskin this long.

It’s time to send this little moose family packing.  The question is:  How?  Any ideas?  Bob is going to talk to the DNR on Monday. Maybe they’ll have some tried and true suggestions.  Meanwhile, if you’ve ever moved a moose, your input would be appreciated!

A guest just offered up a hypothesis that perhaps the moose is here with her calf  because this is one area where there are no wolf scents. In spite of all our commotion, it seems safer to her.  Could be.  Makes us feel a little more guilty about encouraging her to go back to her bay.

2 thoughts on “Rant-A-Moose

  1. Erik’s solution to this age-old dilemma of moose (or bears)-too-close-to-camp is to have a perimeter of sled dogs on guard-duty, 24/7! Works Great! 🙂 Want to borrow a few? LOL!

  2. Wendy Webb

    My 120-pound Malamute came nose-to-nose with a bear recently at our Iron Lake cabin. They played. Some guard dog she is. Good luck with Moosilyn. Just warn incoming guests.

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