Summer, summer, summer

Our 2 year anniversary of buying Bearskin Lodge came and went on July 20th. As usual, we were way too busy running a resort to celebrate the day.  But surprise, surprise, 2 years have gone by and Bearskin has survived us. We know of many resorts that are having a tough summer so we’re endlessly thankful for our loyal guests who return year after year after year. 

It’s been a summer of good fishing.  Of all the surprising fish this season, this fish is probably the biggest and best.  The 31 inch walleye was caught by Harley Handegard (who does take his fishing pretty seriously) in a “not-to-be-disclosed” location. 

Big walleye, caught by Harley Handegard
Big walleye, caught by Harley Handegard


Moosilyn, our moose mother with her calf, has not been sighted on the resort for about 3 days now.  We don’t know if we miss her or are relieved.  Many guests who checked out last weekend reported they had  somewhere between a hundred and a thousand pictures of our moose.  She provided almost a month of great resort entertainment, sort of a Disneyesque “Moose World” for our guests.  But it did get a bit old for some guests to stay perpetually on alert for an immense animal crashing and crunching around their cabin.  Brandon spotted Moosilyn and her calf back by the brush pile yesterday, which may be a better spot for her.

The moose and her calf, in the garden behind the lodge
The moose and her calf, in the garden behind the lodge


Everyones a photographer when theres a moose around.
Everyone's a photographer when there's a moose around.

For those of you who are following Erik Simula’s 1000 mile Arrowhead Journey, Erik has safely completed most of his trip and blogged about it on the Arrowhead Journey blog.  Lots of pictures, too.  He is finishing the final section between now and August 7th, when he will arrive at the Grand Portage Rendezvous.  

The last leg of the trip will be filmed by Justine Curgenven, of cackletv.  She uses Twitter to update readers on her current projects, so watch for news about Erik.  Quinn is along for this filming project also.  Hmmm, hard choice….paddle for a filmmaker on the Pigeon River for a couple days or  spend the days working at the resort washing boats, hauling garbage and dumping fish guts?   Such a tough choice. @@

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