A taste of Bearskin for “Taste of the Gunflint”

Help us decide!

On Saturday, September 12th, the Gunflint Trail will be hosting  A Taste of the Gunflint Trail,” a trail-wide event that combines fun food,  local history and fund-raising on behalf of the new Chik-Wauk Museum & Nature Center. 

During A Taste of the Gunflint Trail,” businesses along the Gunflint Trail will be offering delicious treats from the Taste of the Gunflint Trail cookbook.  Rockwood, Loon Lake, and Chik-Wauk historic lodges will be the featured sites during the event, but many of the resorts along the Trail will offer delicious “Tastes” from the Gunflint.

Chic-Wauk Lodge, mid 1950s. Photo courtesy of the Gunflint Trail Historical Society.
Chic-Wauk Lodge, mid 1950's. Photo courtesy of the Gunflint Trail Historical Society.

If you enjoy staying at Bearskin Lodge and the Gunflint Trail, you’re going to find the Chik-Wauk to be a fascinating addition to your visits.  The museum and nature center  are slated to open next July 4th and will be housed in the former Chik-Wauk Lodge on Lake Saganaga, a distinctive all-granite 1934 structure most often remembered as the site of a well-known Hamm’s Beer commercial from the 1970’s.  The Gunflint Trail Historical Society is creating a museum and nature center in the beautiful old rock structure that will tell the story of the people and natural history of the Gunflint Trail. Proceeds from cookbook sales during the “Taste” event will go towards Chik-Wauk museum. Each participating site will also have a box for donations to the museum.

 cookbookLast year we served Chef Sally’s Acorn Squash soup recipe, one of Bearskin’s featured recipes from the book. It was a huge success, but we don’t want to make the same recipe again.  Bearskin’s other recipes are for Grouse with Blackberry Sauce (no grouse hunters in this group), Hot Spiced Wine (is it appropriate as a giveaway to visitors driving from lodge to lodge?), and Sally’s Herb Bubble Bread (maybe…).  The item has to be small enough to just be a “taste” of the Gunflint Trail and easy enough for the cooking impaired McCloughans to successfully create.  (Alas, “easy enough” rules out many of the delicious recipes in this book.)

One possibility would be to make a recipe from one of the many Gunflint Trail resorts in the cookook that no longer exist. Or we could make any recipe that isn’t being used by another lodge.

A Taste of the Gunflint Trail cookbook has a huge following of devoted fans who love both the stories and recipes.  So you tell us — what should we make?

One thought on “A taste of Bearskin for “Taste of the Gunflint”

  1. Mary Anne Andrews

    I would suggest making any quick breads or muffins that are in the cookbook. Generally very “quick” and easy. Or another stew or soup that can be placed in insulated coffee cups with plastic spoons. Easy to carry and transport.

    May I suggest the spiced wine for your the clientele visiting that week when they return from the “Taste”?

    Sounds like a good time, wish I could be there.

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