Team Dee Plus rides again! Updated

Once again the family and friends of Dee Peterson will be riding in the “Purple Ride” to support the Pancreatic Action Network, in memory of Dee. We received this e-mail from Dee’s beloved grandaughter, Ellie, and her family:

Dear Bearskin Staff,

Dee Peterson -- photo taken while she was behind the front desk at Bearskin
Dee Peterson -- photo taken while she was behind the front desk at Bearskin

In memory of my Nana Dee, who died from Pancreatic cancer last June (2008), I am riding 8 miles in the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network’s Purple Ride this weekend. This year I’m going to ride my own bike (it’s pink)!! My big brother, Andy, has been training me every night to help me get ready.
The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network is a non-profit organization working to advance research, support patients and create hope for those affected by pancreatic cancer. The organization funds research grants, provides information and resources to patients and their families at no cost, pushes for increased federal research funding and educates the public about this disease.

Pancreatic cancer is the 4th leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States, yet it receives less funding per patient than other leading cancer killers. Your support helps the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network fulfill its mission and provides hope to the over 37,000 Americans who will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this year.

Please visit my personal page to learn more. Thank you for your support!

UPDATE from Dee’s family after the ride:

With your generous support, Team Dee Plus raised close to $4000 for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network! Donations are still coming in, so we may go over the $4000 mark! Our team is currently ranked 8th out of approximately 125 teams! At last count, the total amount raised at this year’s Purple Ride was around $225,000!

The weather was beautiful this year. We had team members ride 8, 25, and 50 miles in honor of Mom! Andy took off and completed the ride a full hour ahead of us! I kept expecting him to come from behind on a second lap! Next year, Mr. Crazy Legs is going to do the 25 mile route! The rest of us were about a ½ mile into the ride, when Ellie got going way too fast down a steep hill, lost control and went over the handle bars of her bike (with the entire family behind her for a terrifying view!). She was scraped up and bleeding from head to toe. Someone alerted the trail support team, who arrived within a few minutes to help out. When one of them attempted to put Ellie’s bike in the cart to drive her back, our determined little lady announced that her bike would not be going back in a cart…she was going to ride it. She then picked up her bike, jumped on and proceeded to ride the remaining 7-plus miles! Her Nana would have been proud!

Thanks again for all of your generous donations!

Tim, Sara, Andy & Ellie Groen   

One thought on “Team Dee Plus rides again! Updated

  1. Sarah Dale

    I am so pleased to be able to donate to the Purple Ride in honor of Dee, she was a good friend and gave me strength to be a survivor. Thank you Ellie and family for all you’ve done to raise money for a great cause.

    Sarah Dale

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