Changing the seasons — plus an appreciative thank you!

It’s over. We’re coming to the end of the spring/summer/fall seasons and beginning preparations for that very different season at Bearskin, winter. Quinn and Andy have taken out most of the docks, put away the Adirondack chairs, and moved most of the boats into winter storage. Screen windows are coming off, and storm windows are going back on. Cabin 4 and the fish cleaning house have been closed down for the winter.

deep cleaning hallIn the cabins and lodges, Laura, Kate and Rachel are “deep cleaning” – pulling out everything in every cabin to scrub it all spotless. Laura has been through two deep cleanings already, so she’s a bit of a pro. But Kate and Rachel are new to the process and they are, as one of them commented, amazed at what a mess we make in order to get a cabin so clean.

Claude O’Neill from O’Neill Flooring is sanding and refinishing the wood floors in Cabin 3 and Cabin 11. The newly refinished floors are going to be stunningly beautiful. If you rent Cabin 3 or 11 in the future, you have to promise to walk around in your stocking feet forever more to keep the floors so gorgeous. (Just kidding, but the first scratches are going to be heartbreakers!)

As we wrap it all up, we have this to say to our Bearskin visitors: THANK YOU for being such wonderful guests! Bearskin might have the nicest guests on this planet. In any business, it seems like there are bound to be a few people who are cranky or rude or unpleasant or upset. Real life is not perfect. Staff members will make sporadic mistakes, misunderstandings are bound to happen, expectations sometimes will be unmet – all occurrences that might occasionally irk a guest. And yet, it rarely ever happens here. Bearskin guests are almost universally cheerful, pleasant, positive and upbeat, even when resort life doesn’t go flawlessly.

Today we had one of those rare reasons to discuss this question: Why are people who stay at Bearskin generally so affable? Maybe being in the woods brings out the best in most people. Or maybe if you are the type of person who desires a wilderness escape, you are more likely to be an exceptional person. Perhaps we’re just lucky to have somehow attracted a large group of people with a dominant “nice” gene.

We don’t know, but we certainly do appreciate you. Dealing with grouchy, unpleasant people on a regular basis would make running a busy resort like Bearskin a very different, stressful experience. Thank you for making our daily life here at Bearskin, as well as the work life of our staff members, so consistently enjoyable.

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