Fisher cats, and other animal sightings

Bob saw an unexpected sight today on the porch of cabin 11 — a Fisher.

A forest service stock photo of a Fisher.

No, not A fisherman, although that is also an unexpected sight lately during our cold snap. What Bob found in the screen porch was an elusive, medium-sized member of the weasel family known as the Fisher or sometimes called a Fisher Cat. Similar to a Pine Marten, but quite a bit bigger, it is very rare to spot a Fisher, muchless see one on a cabin porch.

A Pine Marten photo, taken by Darlene Richardson outside Cabin 5.

Around here, Pine Martens can routinely be lured onto decks and porches, especially in Lodges 1-4. One of the fun guest games lately is to leave an apple out on a lodge deck and wait for the Pine Marten to come and take it. But the glossy brown fur of a Fisher is rarely glimpsed at Bearskin, always in a “What was that dark brown animal I just saw slipping into the woods?” way.

We’re not sure why this Fisher ended up on the Cabin 11 porch, but they are aggressive predators of smaller mammals. Maybe the red squirrels down by cabins 9-11 who routinely munch on porch window screens lured the Fisher in. We enjoy our red squirrels, but if any of those screeniverous squirrels around Cabin 11 ended up as a Fisher snack, we  won’t object.

It was actually a very good animal day for Bob, who is legendary for his inability to spot any wildlife, ever. While standing on the the lodge front steps this morning, a Nuthatch fluttered around him. When Bob held out his hand, the Nuthatch landed in his palm. For just a moment Bob thought, “Ah, this is the life of a lodge owner.” Then the bird flew away and Bob returned to the real life of a lodge owner, which has more to do with water leaks, turbidity readings and propane tanks than with wildlife magically appearing on an outstretched hand.

Wiki info about Fishers:

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