Volks Ski 400 K /Team Bearskin

Team Bearskin for the Volks Ski 400K: Brittany Burgess, Wendy McAlpine, Kate Vernon, Quinn McCloughan, Jenna and Marv Calvin, Nancy Seaton, Andy McDonnell, Sue Weber, Bob McCloughan and Dave Seaton.

A small but hardy crew of skiers met at 10 AM Saturday here at Bearskin to ski all 77K of the Central Gunflint Trail System.  Our skier’s expertise ranged from “just learned to ski a few days ago” (yay, Brittany, for having the gumption to do a section of the trail) to “started back when skis were wooden.”    Our total time to do the trails was 9 hours, 18 minutes,  or  7 minutes, 15 seconds per K. 

We received a few big donations to PanCan in memory of Dee Peterson in suupport of Team Bearskin, plus we sold a number of purple Volks Ski pins in support of pancreatic cancer research.  Thanks! 

We’ll do it again next year.  Join us! 

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