Happy Anniversary to Us

It’s our anniversary.  The McCloughan family has officially owned Bearskin Lodge for 3 full years; we’re in our 4th summer of resort life.  We’re wildly busy at the moment.  It appears that 2010 will be the best summer in many years.  As always, we are blessed to have fabulous employees who excel at stepping in to do whatever is needed.  Someday I will finish the blog I started to write  to  introduce all our remarkable 2010 employees  — here’s hoping I have time to get it done before they all go back to school! 

If you check this blog regularly, you are well aware that the Bearskin blog hasn’t been updated nearly as often as it used to be.  This is partially because we are so busy, but we also have Facebook to blame.  It’s so much easier and faster to spend 5 minutes posting a few short sentences on the Facebook site than to commit to writing a real blog post.  Most of our guests who use Facebook have discovered the Bearskin fan page by now, but you don’t need to be a regular Facebook user to access the Bearskin Facebook page.  Just bookmark this link, then you can check it out for the most frequent Bearskin updates even if you aren’t the “Facebook type.”  I will return to blogging regularly when we have more time but meanwhile, new info appears on our Facebook site almost every day. 

As we reach our 3 year anniversary, it’s obvious that a few things at Bearskin haven’t changed.  In our first blog entry in 2007, we wrote:

The past month has been mostly a blur.  Overnight, we went from being two teachers on summer vacation to full-fledged resort owners, operating one of the most distinguished resorts in Minnesota during the prime busy season.  We had to “hit the ground running,” as they say, and there hasn’t been much of chance to stop for a breath ever since.   Almost hourly, maybe even minute by minute, we learn more about how much we don’t know.

Daily life here, especially during prime summer season, still can be “a blur.”  This is a busy, busy lifestyle.  We know far more than we did back in 2007, but we’re still learning.  We are grateful on a daily basis for the good advice of Dave and Barb Tuttle, as well as for the excellent young problem-solving minds of long-time employees Andy McDonnell and our son, Quinn McCloughan. 

 We continue to be amazed and somewhat awed by the deep connection so many of our guests have to Bearskin.  In 2007 we wrote: 

What has surprised us most is the deep level of historical connection so many families have to Bearskin Lodge.  We had no idea. Week after week we meet multi-generational families who have been coming to Bearskin for years, even decades.  So many grandparents with their children and grandchildren, repeating Bearskin traditions that have endured for years.   The woman whose parents honeymooned in the original lodge 51 years ago.  The teenagers who point out album pictures of themselves as toddlers on Bearskin’s sandy beach. The couple who celebrate every anniversary in their special cabin, the one where they held their wedding.  Every week this resort is filled with people whose memories of Bearskin are a significant part of their lives.

 We’ve been entrusted with taking care of a place that is truly special to many, many people.  As we enter our fourth year at Bearskin, we will continue to take that responsibility very seriously.

Thank you to all our guests for 3 fabulous years. We appreciate you.  This wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable if Bearskin guests weren’t all so uniformly wonderful.

One thought on “Happy Anniversary to Us

  1. Catherine Woods

    Happy Anniversary! I love the quality of energy you have brought to Bearskin. And although I now live at quite a distance from Bearskin, in northern Colorado on the front range, my heart always feels connected to Minnesota’s arrowhead.

    I hold treasured memories of vacations spent camping, then later staying in Cabin 2, and finally staying subsequent years in the lodge the Tuttles built. It’s such joy to be a member of one of the multi-generational families, the Cryers from Illinois, whose forebears started camping at Bearskin in 1929!

    Blessings to all who know and love the place!

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