Let the ski season begin!

Cabin 2, after the snow

 Wow, it’s November 26th and it is already real winter on the Gunflint Trail.  When the Twin Cities was hit with 12 inches of snow earlier in the month, Bearskin received only about 5 inches.  It gave us a wintery appearance, and was enough to give us a start on preparing ski trails, but it wasn’t enough snow to get excited about.  A few inches of additional snow fell sporadically after that, just enough to require repetitive shoveling.

Dad and daughter ski lessons.

 And then our Wednesday/Thursday snow came and suddenly it was truly winter.  We’re grooming ski trails, plowing roads, shoveling steps, sanding hills, and snow-blowing pathways — so totally different from the spring, summer, and fall routines at Bearskin.  We are very busy for Thanksgiving weekend this year, but most of our guests booked a Thanksgiving cabin without any intention to ski. The new snow gave several families an opportunity to try skiing for the first time.

Bearskin had snow last winter when many resorts along the North Shore did not.  We’re lucky that way; we seem to be in a snow belt.  But this early start to the ski season is exceptionally promising.   We’re offering an early season December special between December 1 – 17: three nights for the price of two, an especially good buy because most of those dates are still on Value Season pricing.  Come up and make the most of our early winter skiing.

Pisten Bully, out on the Lit Loop for the first time this season.

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