Do your “last minute” shopping the easy way at Bearskin

I spent all day Saturday and Sunday on the internet, futilely attempting to do our family’s holiday shopping online. Shopping was a total failure — everything I attempted to buy online was gone. Once upon a time it was not considered to be “last minute shopping” until December 24th, but now by mid-December stores are sold out of everything. I’m not emotionally ready to start shopping in October, but to preserve what remains of my sanity I should learn to start earlier in the future.

If you’re in the same spot with your gift buying options, maybe a gift from Bearskin would help out.  The easiest gift is a Bearskin gift certificate.  You can purchase one in any amount over the phone.  The certificate is attractive and can be used to buy lodging or gifts at Bearskin.   It’s a straightforward, much appreciated option.

Many items from the Bearskin gift shop can easily be mailed to you or the recipient.  Here are a few suggestions for gifts that are popular with Bearskin guests year ’round and are simple to order and ship.

Books always make a great gift.

"Taste of the Gunflint Trail" $19.95
"Becoming a BWCA Family" $12.95

Taste of the Gunflint Trail is more than just a cookbook.  The stories and histories of resort life on the Gunflint Trail are fascinating reading even for people who don’t like to cook. Becoming a Boundary Waters Family offers advice on basic camping and outdoor skills for anyone who enjoys canoe trips, but the book’s focus is on learning canoe trip skills for families.  If you know someone who is just starting to consider venturing out into the BWCA, this book is a thoughtful gift.

How about a Bearskin poster or the historic 1935 Bearskin map?  These are attractive and are inexpensive to mail.

Bearskin Lodge 11" x 17" Poster "Stream" $18.00
Bearskin Lodge poster 11" x 17" "Moon" $18.00
Historic 1935 Bearskin Map 11" x 17" $15.00


A signed print created by a well-known artist is always a nice gift idea.    Our Betsy Bowen framed 5″ x 7″ Summer and Winter at Bearskin prints  are a favorite gift item. 
Betsy Bowen Bearskin "Winter" Print 5" x 7" $8.00
Betsy Bowen Bearskin "Summer" Print 5" x 7" $8.00
Looking for a stocking stuffer?  Bearskin Lodge multi-purpose knives are only $8.00 and ship very inexpensively.  They come in a small brown box for gift wrapping.  Gunflint Trail playing cards are only $5.95 and also come in an easy-to-wrap small box.
Bearskin Lodge Knife $8.00
Gunflint Trail Moose Playing Cards $5.95

Someday Bearskin may have a real online store, but for now if you’d like to buy any of these gifts (or anything else  you recall as being stocked in the Bearskin Lodge gift shop) just call our front desk at (800)338-4170.  We can figure out your shipping costs for you then, but almost everything we sell will ship for less than $5.00. We don’t add big shipping charges.  We will charge for the padded envelope and the actual cost of postage.  All the items listed here ship well in padded envelopes via the post office, or UPS if you prefer.  Post office items go out every morning; UPS shipments go out a few times a week from Bearskin. 

 It’s not too late to shop at a store that hasn’t run out of everything!

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