Make a guess on the “ice-out” date for East Bearskin Lake. No August guesses allowed!

Web cam photo, East Bearskin Lake, April 29, 2011

Looking at this webcam picture, the average person probably would not immediately think, “Oh look, this must be a lovely spring photo of East Bearskin Lake.”   On the date this picture was snapped, we had been canoeing on East Bearskin Lake for almost 4 weeks last year.

It’s time for our annual “Ice-Out” guessing game.  We can pass along this hint: it’s safe to assume that the ice will disappear later than it did last year. But will it be a lot later than normal?  That’s debatable.

Here’s a little info to help you do your research before you make your prediction.  This blog includes pictures and some history of previous ice-out dates, as well as guesses from the past.  We’ve also included links to info on 2010, as well as a link about last year’s guessing game winner — nobody.  Our closest guesses were a month off!

You can post your forecast in the comments section here, or on Bearskin’s Facebook site.  If neither of those venues suit your communication style, just e-mail your guess to:  We’ll send a T-shirt to the person who comes the closest.  If we get more than one “closest” prediction, we’ll draw names.  To make it fair, your guess needs to have come in at least 5 days before the actual date.  We’ll consider that the game has no winner if we can’t get guess that’s within at least 2 weeks of the right answer. @@

Guesses of August “ice-out” dates will only be semi-amusing, because of our worries that it will be true!

May 2nd web cam picture

17 thoughts on “Make a guess on the “ice-out” date for East Bearskin Lake. No August guesses allowed!

  1. Joe Branchaw

    Looking at the way our goofy weather has been this last year, I will guess May 21. (Although realistically it will probably be July 4.)

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