Traveling ice

View of East Bearskin this morning, looking out from the campground picnic area

We are closing in on “ice out.”  A wind out of the east has blown most of the remaining ice on East Bearskin down into our bay.  The ice from the two arms of East Bearskin Lake is rapidly headed this direction.The black degraded ice is tinkling, sounding like thousands of ice cube-filled glasses all being jiggled at the same time. The main dock, which we disconnect from the shore for winter and spring, broke its rope and has traveled down to Cabin 4.  It will be, um, entertaining to attempt dock retrieval.

The ice won’t be gone today, but tomorrow seems likely. A continuing sequence of pictures can be seen at our daily photo site here.

A forest service pilot made ice observations yesterday from the air.  Here is the report–

Overview:  With few exceptions, roughly any lake that is of any size east of a line running south of Big Saganaga Lake still has quite a lot of ice.

Lakes in LaCroix and Kawishiwi Districts: Most lakes are open including Basswood and Knife Lakes.

Lakes in Tofte and Gunflint Districts:  

                Open:  Ogishkemuncie, Sea Gull, Little Saganaga, and the western half of Gunflint, Little Cascade; Sawbill ; Perent, Isabella

Some Ice:   Tuscarora (floating scraps), Loon (south of Gunflint Lake) is mostly ice, Homer has scraps of ice

All Ice:  Cherokee, Frost, and Brule still have ice tight to the shore—and mostly any lake of any size east of these lakes ; Gabimichigami, Gillis, Cherokee, Winchell, Brule, Loon and Davis; Cascade, Tait, and Clara; South Temperance;  Alton, Beth; Devil’s Track

Couldn’t see:  Dumbell and Silver Island Lakes

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