We have winners!

Webcam view 9:15 AM, May 10th. More ice remained in the bay to the west, but mostly it was all gone this morning.

Official total ice out date is May 10th, with all but a small sheet of ice disappearing the night of May 9th. That makes the May 10th guesses of Susan Arbisi and Ginger Alexander right on the mark, with Sarah Dale’s May 9th guess close enough to argue about.

We drew names and Susan is the T-shirt winner.  (We’ll e-mail you about this, Susan.) Ginger and Sarah, when we see you this summer you should each choose a Bearskin mug as a trophy for your guessing expertise.

You can see pictures of each day’s changes on our daily photo site here.  When the ice went, it changed fast.

Now to get out there and collect the main dock and all the other items that were swept down into the bay by the ice flow.

Remaining ice at 9:15 AM on May 10th.

One thought on “We have winners!

  1. Sarah Dale

    I’m glad my guess was close enough to qualify for a prize. Looking forward to picking up my new Bearskin mug in August. See you then, thanks.


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