Open entry points

Cook County Visitors Bureau sent out this clarification note today in response to some incorrect maps published in the media. (A sharp-eyed Bearskin Facebook fan may have been the first to point these errors out. Thanks!)

There has been confusion in the media and in our community over which Boundary Waters entry points are still open, particularly concerning which entry points are part of the Vento Unit. Here is the latest information:




42 Brule (must stay on Brule only)

54A Seagull (must stay on Seagull only)

55A Saganaga (must stay on Saganaga only)

57 Magnetic

58 South 80 Larch

60 Duncan

61 Daniels

62 Clearwater

64 East Bearskin

66 Crocodile

68 Pine

69 John

70 North Fowl

So yes, you can still take that BWCA trip. Entry points in our area are open.  Give us a call.  Over the past few days we’ve sent out many canoeists who were displaced from other BWCA locations,  but we still have quite a few canoes and lots of gear available. Fire disrupted many BWCA plans, but it doesn’t have to end your trip possibilities.

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