Early winter update–and restaurant news

How did it get to be Christmas and the post-holiday rush so quickly?

November and early December tend to be slow times at Bearskin, in between busy seasons. Theoretically we could travel and enjoy some time away, but this is also one of the only chances each year when our cabins are empty long enough to accomplish repairs and updates. We have a tendency to get too many good ideas for improvements, with too little time to complete them. We especially overloaded ourselves this time–we barely finished before our Christmas season guests showed up.

Cabin 8 was our biggest project.  White Pine Cabin now has enclosed cabinets (too many, actually–you’ll have to bring lots of food to fill up all the empty space).  There are (TA-DA!) more electrical outlets  in the kitchen, so you no longer have to create an electrical cord octopus in the one kitchen socket.  And here’s the amazing part — the outlets work with 3 pronged cords.  We’re so 21st century here.  Even more remarkable is that the water heater has disappeared from the bathroom corner.  You now get to stare at a pine wall when you spend quality time in that bathroom, instead of musing over whether the water heater tank is developing a leak. 

Cabin 10 has a beautiful new stone fireplace, while cabin 5’s beloved old fireplace has been remodeled.  Lodge 1 and Cabin 4 have new kitchen floors and new cabinets. The wood floors in Cabins 9 and 10 are freshly sanded and refinished.  A new enclosed shower door is about to go into Lodge 4, but it didn’t quite show up on time to be installed before the holiday rush. We’ll complete that project after January 1st.

Our other time-consuming project has been to hire a new chef for the restaurant.  Judi Barsness, of the restaurant Chez Jude, decided not to come back to Bearskin this winter. (Her Grand Marais restaurant is still open, but one restaurant is enough to run right now.) We’ve been searching and searching for an excellent replacement and finally found an accomplished chef who is a perfect fit for Bearskin’s winter dining.

Chef Scott Bergstrom received his training at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  He has many years of experience in all aspects of the food service industry.  Scott takes pride in creating attractive and delicious multi-course meals for his guests. His most notable culinary talents were displayed as the Executive Chef at “510 Groveland” in Minneapolis, as well as Executive Chef for guests in Curt Carlson’s private dining room “The Retreat” and at his private corporate parties.  When asked about his cooking style, Scott would say he likes to prepare healthy meals with the freshest “in season” ingredients possible.

 Scott’s first night of dining at Bearskin will be on Friday, December 30. Check our website at www.bearskin.com to see menu options.  Additional dates will be listed on the website shortly.

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