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The McCloughan family has owned Bearskin Lodge since 2007, and we’re here to stay. We love where we live.

Sue and Bob were teachers in the Twin Cities with a lifelong attachment to the BWCAW and wilderness canoeing. We’ve traveled thousands of miles in a canoe.  The move up north was a challenging transition, but we’re now pretty entrenched in the Cook County lifestyle after all these years.

Our son Quinn and his wife, Kate Vernon, founded Bearskin Wilderness Outfitters, our outfitting branch.  They are in the process of gradually taking over operations of the resort.  When Kate and Quinn aren’t at work, they are often paddling in the summer or cross-country skiing in the winter.  They’ve traveled extensively in the BWCAW and Quetico, but also enjoy exploring the less well-known lakes and rivers of Ontario.



2 thoughts on “About the Blogger

  1. Sarah Dale


    Love the addendum to your “Ice” story. We knew you guys had an ice storm but power out, not so fun. Hope you can put the candles away now. As for Quinn, well my son is about the same age and it seems worring about a schedule or a cell phone isn’t all that important. Hopefully he got back OK. I’ll bet it’s beautiful up there after the storm.

    Take care,

    Sarah Dale

  2. Scott Richardson

    I loved your blog about the quick end of snow this winter. It was equally sudden down here. We were out skiing crust on top of a foot of snow on the Chaska town course the weekend after the Birkie, and then 4 days later the snow was gone (as far as we were concerned). It was a great winter all in all though.
    Darlene skied the Kortelopet this year, had an absolute blast, and skied very well in spite of having a fairly serious case of bronchitis.
    When we were at Bearksin in February this year we skied longer and farther than we ever have before. We basically kept it up when we got home and then the two weeks leading up to the race could only be descibed as perfect. Obviously we over trained… We really couldn’t help it… We both got sick the week before the race although I didn’t have the bronchitis component. I skied the Birkie coughing a lot which was actually kind of fun because being sick took away the “race” urgency of it and I just treated it as a really long supported ski through the woods. And really nice it was. The conditions were absolutely perfect. You all probably noticed that the winning time was 1:56 and change. An all time record. All my friends did their personal best times. I skied it relatively slowly, but met lots of nice people, talked to Dave and Josie Nelson at OO, and in general had a very nice time.
    I have a the 2010 Birkie poster in a tube for you guys and will try to remember to bring it next time I’m anywhere close by. No autographs on this one… Sorry. I have a picture of cabin 5 on my screen saver, and a gorgeous photo from one of the trails just went by on my photo scroll. I’m still missing the snow, and Bearskin… Hope all’s well up there. Talk to you soon!
    Scott Richardson

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